The first image in the series contains an special shoot with Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble and bumble.  “Though Bumble University wasn’t around yet, inside Michael, it was surely brewing”. – Danne

From Bumble:

Hairdressing professionals come to Bb.U with the expectation of honing their skills, whether in craft or business. But what they go home with are experiences that far exceed their expectations. In fact, be prepared to see that other educational events pale in comparison.

Bb.U is the meeting place for the Bb. Salon Network, the physical hub for you and your carefully chosen fellow Members to share collective expertise and express (or renew) passion for what you do every day.
We will instruct, we will criticize (constructively), we will facilitate, we will consult – we will do everything in our power to help you be better at what you do.

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