CUTSnatural texture is always considered when designing cut’s that can be air-dried with minimal product as an option to blow-drying or heat styling.

COLORin addition to color matching, skin-flattering color selection, using the gentlest appropriate color type for situation, we strive to create the longest-lasting, least fading hair color services available today.


STYLE & BLOWDRYour blow-outs have been inspired by lessons with Oribe and Bumble & bumble.  If you have a special night out, or an important job interview, take it to the next level, schedule a blow-out or a styling, flat-iron, curling iron during your next visit.


ANTI-FRIZZ TREATMENT – Yuko Systemstesting all popular smoothing treatments, their benefits, costs and longevity prior to offering this system ensured our choice to offer just one, the best one, would be the right decision.


JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENINGour alliance with Yuko Systems has elevated the level of expertise with this amazing straightening system, expert advice, just a phone call away, allowed us to deliver high-quality results from the early days over 15 years ago.


PERMANENT TEXTUREreinventing the way we think about the permanent wave, enabled a breakthrough technique that gives freedom to our clients who choose to celebrate texture.


EYELASH EXTENSIONSthe top benefits of eyelash extensions are: 


These amazing natural looking lashes make mascara unnecessary.

Almost impossible to detect, even close up!

Longer and fuller lashes give you a finished, youthful look and feminine appearance!

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