The best way to keep tones true and it’s complimentary the first time you do color!

It work’s in 3 ways, here’s how:
VIBRANCY – Seals color in with a web of polymers.
HUE – Prevents fade by sealing the cuticle to keep water out color molecules in.
LUMINOSITY – Seals in shine and smoothes the cuticle to make color glow; styling products protect haircolor with UV and heat filters.

“Complimentary the first time you color”!

When haircolor is locked in with the Color Minded Pro Treatment, then protected with the Color Minded family, color is preserved for up to 40 shampoos. Haircolor is sealed in, shiny and vibrant– brilliant news for colorists and clients!

To protect and preserve color at home, clients can take home Color Minded Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Balm and Polish with them to maximize the effects of the Pro Treatment. They’re packed with benefits: the shampoo is sulfate free, the conditioner is rich enough to moonlight as a masque, and the luxurious styling products have UV protection.

The key to the formula’s effectiveness is the Color Minded – Color Preserving Complex, an advanced, dual polymer technology that cross-links like a net to make hair watertight, minimizing color washout. It helps preserve all tones – even the hardest to keep.


Bumble University Hawaii 2008

Infuse Hair Design would like to express a very special thanks to Coby & Kerry from Bumble & Bumble University, NYC, for a truly inspiring and exciting event. This advanced Bumble Training Class gave unparalleled creative & technical insight.

Normally this level of inspiration requires a 10 hour trip to New York, but on this special summer night, more than 75 of Hawaii’s top hair stylists gathered to see Bumble’s first hair cutting class in Honolulu.


Bumble Training Video


Howard Mc Laren, Senior Creative Director – Bumble & Bumble, played a pivotal role in redeveloping the stock razor cutting techniques vital to the “un-cut” precision for which Bumble & Bumble is known.

Infuse Hair Design’s training program has refined this razor training to work even better for clients living in Hawaii’s unique environment.

There is no better way to control softness & texture of fine and thick hair densities, as well as curly, wavy and straight hair textures.


If you have ever considered a shorter look, summer is the best time to do it!

With the right cut, you will be able to do a simple product applicaiton and let it dry naturally. An hour less in the bathroom means you could catch a morning surf session before work or a quick run around the block (get small sized products to pack in your bag!).

If you’re going for dinner, have an important meeting with the boss or just need to turn a few more heads, for whatever reason, a blow dry or ironing will give the same cut a more refined look. Using the right products will make this easier and more successful.

Hair-Painting is a French technique that is similar to high-lighting, but much faster. Using a special technique, sections of hair are colored in a way that infuses the hair next to it, giving a softer blending than when done with foil as is more commonly done. The same rules apply, such as, lightening colored hair must be done with a high-lift color or with a gentle bleach, then toned.

key elements

Collaboration brings to the surface a different perspective.
(This workshop I worked with a long time colleague and friend, Paul Tamaoka, Bottega Antoine. Over the past 15 years, we have worked at Antoine, Diva Salon and Paul Brown.)

Using a couple of tear sheets from magazines, key elements of the styles were identified, then imagined our own versions of the styles. Some of these elements were good, some bad. Of course we infused our magic into the revised creations.

For the first look, I used a curved flat iron, marcel style, then vertical “haku” type knots gave the shape, with a “loose-polish” being the intent. (click photos for slde show)

For second look, Paul did a slightly-disheveled “mohawk-ish” style. A cleaner version of this style is often seen on runways. Both of us agreed that we like “undone” hair these days, he then modified this style to compliment our theme. (click photos for slideshow)

Bumble’s Sumotech, Styling Lotion, Brilliantine and Holding Spray gave us the control and flexibility to slowly build the styles. It also easily brushed out between looks.

key elements