Oribe Hawaii

“Among the most impactful events I’ve every attended.  “Works cannot express the jubilation”! – Danne

From Oribe:

A select group of the creative leads from the Oribe Member Salons are provided opportunities to push their skills, eye and references beyond the reaches of their daily surroundings. A collective of creativity brings editorial-level approaches and inspiration to this next generation of hair masters, hand-picked to participate based on their body of work, passion and potential. Hairdressing, photography, references and peer feedback combine to influence a master-level apprentice program.

Backstage Events
In a never-before-seen teaching format, Artistic Directors converge in one city for a weekend of hairstyling, makeup, photography…and entertainment. You could call it a hair jam…we call it Oribe Backstage. Intensive hands-on sessions provide elite stylists with in-depth cutting and styling technique, gaining exposure to backstage practices and creating countless looks on models, all while pushing the boundaries of their craft and their comfort zones. Stylists leave exhausted, exhilarated… and with a full curriculum of teaching guides, inspiration books and DVDs to recreate Backstage with their fellow hairdressers when they get home…and rest up.