iPhone or Android

  1. Install our booking app.  It’s called MINDBODY CONNECT, click here.
  2.  Enter INFUSE HAIR SALON into the search,select it as a favorite so you won’t need to login each time.

Desktop click here

  1. Select the type of service.

Complete Service Descriptions enable accurate selection.

  1. Select a time range (best method).

  2. Or choose a time range, however, you must input enough time to encompass the entire service.  (The default has “0” time inputed, since the start and finish time is the same.)

  3. Choose from available times displayed.

  4. Confirm details.

  5. Check for confirmation email.

  6. After confirming details, use the “import to calendar” event file at bottom of the confirmation email.  All appointment details are automatically put into your calendar.