Razor cutting class with a small group Hawaii’s best hairstylists was a great experience.  Friends with more experience than I me, yet taking time to see what I learned at Bumble University, NYC.

Though some of my colleges have been using the razor for many years, we all came together this evening to expand our knowledge and share experiences, the essence of creative growth.

Used for decades prior to technical scissor cutting, the razor yields soft effects much easier and with more control than scissor cutting alone. When technical understanding is combined with a good stroke, the dimensional results  are unmatched.

My model, Tina, being of mixed ethnicity, has a slightly frizzy natural texture. We used a deep weight removal technique with distinct slices. Essential aspects of suitability, preparation, product control and technique were covered.

Products used:
Creme de Coco Shampoo & Conditioner, Bb Shine and Sumotech – Bumble and Bumble