Marcel ironing has been around for many centuries. In the 14th century the Renaissance spawned a profound adornment for the texture in hair styles.  The irons used to create these looks have undergone many significant improvements over the years.

modern-marcel-iron3Years ago, one would put iron tongs into a small oven which heated the cast metal. Once heated and allowed to cool off a bit, the hair was twisted around the tongs to curl. It isn’t hard to imagine that on the occasion the tongs hadn’t cooled off enough, the result would be less than desirable.  Today our electric irons are ionic-ceramic, therefore much gentler, and less likely to damage the hair when used properly.

Today, irons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  We used a “convave” type for this effect.  However, every iron takes some time to become comfortable with the size of curl or texture that it creates, also heat settings andModern-marcel-iron technique make mastering a challenge.

An outgoing young lady, Stephanie jumped at the chance of wearing a new look at work later that night. Traditional curling irons work well, however, unique sexy curls will likely turn more heads, and that is the point. Isn’t it?

Visit us for a styling on a special night out on the town.  Be sure to schedule it far enough ahead of time and if it’s your first time with us,  email a photo of your naturally dried hair, along with a photo of the style you want, so we’ll be crystal when you come in.  This style took 45 minutes to complete on clean hair.