Home color kit

TEXT when you arrive.  We will bring the color kit to your car.

Danne: 808-554-4777
Scott: 415-533-5101

This kit is intended to be applied by the CLIENT within 4 hours of pick up.

WE SUPPLY: Your personalized color formula in a foam bowl, Olaplex Bond Builder when appropriate, color brush or bottle, gloves and processing cap.  

YOU SUPPLY: A sturdy bowl to put foam bowl into, shampoo, conditioner and skin barrier cream…example Vaseline, butter or thick hair conditioner, 3 dark/old towels, put one under bowl, also wear a old button down shirt, easier to take off after shower.  Best practice is to wipe color around hairline after application before waiting for full processing time, normally 30 minutes, if different processing time is required, we will indicate.

Schedule a time to pick up your home color kit by texting Danne or Scott.

Watch this home color application video.

Pick up your Home Color Kit at the time you scheduled. Please stay in your car, text when you arrive. We will bring the kit to your car.

Apply your color within 4 HOURS of pick up. Do not shampoo for at least 12 hours prior to application if possible.

Apply a barrier cream to your hairline, towel around your neck and section your hair prior to color application.

Next, put on your gloves.

Review the video above or apply as we have personally instructed you. Pour the developer into the foam bowl with your color formula provided in your kit and mix throughly. Use your own bowl under the foam bowl to make it more sturdy. You will be using your own custom color formula using the brush we provide. Complete the application within 15 minutes, do not delay or stop once you start. Process your color for 30 minutes from the time you finish your application, unless we advise otherwise. BE CAREFUL WHEN TAKING COLOR FROM THE BOWL TO YOUR HAIR, DO NOT LET THE COLOR DRIP INTO YOUR EYES.

Use the towel under the bowl to wipe your hairline after application so you do not stain. Put your hair up using clips if it is long, then put on the processing cap provided.

After the processing time is completed, shampoo 2 times with lukewarm water, not cold. KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED DURING RINSING AND SHAMPOOING, rinse with face up allowing water to drip down back and not face. Use a quality conditioner as usual. Wash down your shower to avoid stains.

$70. fine to medium thickness. $80. medium to thick hair. Cash only please. If you are unable to pay due to pandemic circumstances, please reach out to us. We will do what we can for you. Stay safe everyone!