the “double-rod” wrap

Though most hairdressers don’t do many perms these days.  Back in the day at Sassoons, we did many creative perms.  We used different shaped rods of all sorts, oval, triangular.  Once I used a 45 record “spin”, it’s the spacer that would go into the middle of a 45 single record.  Working in such a creative way from the start, kept my mind open when it came to rethinking perms for the modern woman.


For the model above, I looked everywhere in Honolulu for oval rods, on the internet, the IBS NYC Hair Show, ICE LA Hair Show, local distributors, for over 6 months, all to no avail.  Then it came to me,  I could wrap two rods together to get an oval shape!  Well see for yourselves, the “double rod wrap”  is now staple for us, a permanent part of the repertoire.    Soon they will all be doing it!