Summer Fresh


If you have ever considered a shorter look, summer is the best time to do it!

With the right cut, you will be able to do a simple product applicaiton and let it dry naturally. An hour less in the bathroom means you could catch a morning surf session before work or a quick run around the block (get small sized products to pack in your bag!).

If you’re going for dinner, have an important meeting with the boss or just need to turn a few more heads, for whatever reason, a blow dry or ironing will give the same cut a more refined look. Using the right products will make this easier and more successful.

Hair-Painting is a French technique that is similar to high-lighting, but much faster. Using a special technique, sections of hair are colored in a way that infuses the hair next to it, giving a softer blending than when done with foil as is more commonly done. The same rules apply, such as, lightening colored hair must be done with a high-lift color or with a gentle bleach, then toned.

key elements

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